unlock Your Potential

Unboxed Venture Studio exists to advance companies from idea to exit by bringing together the best entrepreneur-led ventures with expertise, capital, and network.

With roots in North Carolina, we accelerate the start-up ecosystem through venture development.

We venture develop through a process of Unboxing: Disrupting boundaries to create focus for success.

Together, we Aligned Incentives. We have skin in the game, ensuring our best interests are aligned with the founders, partners, and investors that want to build successful ventures.

Unboxing allows us to remove traditional startup barriers with a vertically integrated venture studio. We validate ideas, augment team, and commercialize companies.


Nick Jordan and Eric Porper have been building, investing, advising, and operating companies since the 90's.  

Nick Jordan

Founder, Managing Partner

Eric Porper on LinkedIn
Eric Porper

Founder, Managing Partner

Eric Porper on LinkedIn


We are more than just entrepreneurs. We are a diverse, experienced team of innovators, hustlers, investors, and builders who believe community leads to the best companies.